How to Tell if a Jeep is a Trackhawk

Calling all Jeep enthusiasts and car aficionados! Are you intrigued by the sheer power and agility of the iconic Jeep Trackhawk? Do you find yourself daydreaming about the exhilarating feeling of cruising down the open road in this beast of a machine? Well, you’re in luck because today we are diving deep into the world of how to tell if a Jeep is a trackhawk, uncovering the telltale signs that distinguish it from other Jeep models.

How to Tell if a Jeep is a Trackhawk

Whether you’re a first-time Jeep buyer or a seasoned Trackhawk owner, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to identify this impressive vehicle and make an informed decision. So, rev your engines, hold onto your seats, and join us on this thrilling ride to uncover the secrets of the Jeep Trackhawk!

9 Best Ways on How to Tell if a Jeep is a Trackhawk

1. Distinctive Exterior Styling:

Being one of the most powerful and fastest SUVs on the market, it’s no surprise that the Jeep Trackhawk has a unique exterior design. Its muscular body boasts an aggressive front fascia with enlarged air intakes, exclusive yellow Brembo brake calipers, and a quad-tip exhaust system. The standard blacked-out trim adds to its fierce and sporty appearance, making it stand out from other Jeep models.

2. Supercharged Engine:

The heart of the Trackhawk is its supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine, delivering a jaw-dropping 707 horsepower and 645 pound-feet of torque. This powerhouse is capable of launching the vehicle from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, earning it the title of the quickest SUV in the world. So, if you see a Jeep model with this engine, you can be sure that it’s a Trackhawk.

Supercharged V8 Engine

3. Specific Badging:

One of the easiest ways to tell if a Jeep is a Trackhawk is by looking at its badging. The Trackhawk features unique badging on the exterior, including a ‘Supercharged’ badge on the lower front doors, a ‘Trackhawk’ script on both front doors and liftgate, and a ‘Trail Rated’ badge. These badges are exclusive to the Trackhawk model and cannot be found on any other Jeep.

4. All-Wheel-Drive System:

The Trackhawk comes standard with an all-wheel-drive system, unlike other Jeep models that have a four-wheel-drive option. This drivetrain setup contributes to the Trackhawk’s impressive acceleration and handling capabilities, making it a true-performance SUV. This feature is a dead giveaway when it comes to identifying this powerful vehicle.

5. Unique Wheels:

The Trackhawk boasts unique black alloy wheels with a five-spoke design, which are larger than the wheels found on other Jeep models. These 20-inch wheels are shod in high-performance tires, adding to the vehicle’s aggressive stance and aiding in its performance capabilities. If you see a Jeep with these striking wheels, then it’s undoubtedly a Trackhawk.

6. Luxurious Interior:

The interior of the Trackhawk is not only powerful but also exudes luxury and comfort. It features premium leather seats with suede inserts and contrast stitching, along with a leather-wrapped dashboard and door panels. The Trackhawk also comes equipped with an 8.4-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, and a premium audio system to ensure an enjoyable driving experience.

Leather-wrapped Dashboard

7. Impressive Performance Numbers:

The Trackhawk is truly a track-ready vehicle with its exceptional performance numbers. In addition to its impressive 0-60 mph time, it also has a top speed of 180 mph and a quarter-mile time of 11.6 seconds. These numbers are unmatched by any other Jeep model, making it easy to distinguish the Trackhawk from its counterparts.

8. Exclusive Color Options:

If you’re lucky enough to spot a Trackhawk on the road, you may notice that it’s available in some unique and exclusive color options not found on other Jeep models. These colors include Redline 2 Coat Pearl, Diamond Black Crystal Pearl, and Slate Blue Pearl, among others. So, if you see a Jeep in any of these colors, it’s worth taking a closer look to see if it’s a Trackhawk.

9. Higher Price Tag:

Last but certainly not least, the Trackhawk comes with a higher price tag than other Jeep models, and for good reason. With all its exclusive features and impressive performance capabilities, it’s no surprise that this vehicle comes with a hefty price. If you see a Jeep model with a significantly higher price tag, then you can be confident that it’s a Trackhawk. If you’re considering purchasing one, remember that the Trackhawk is not only a vehicle but an experience like no other.

Following these 9 best ways to identify if a Jeep is a Trackhawk will surely help you in your pursuit of this impressive vehicle. Whether you’re driving on the streets or tackling tough terrain, the Jeep Trackhawk will turn heads and give you an unforgettable driving experience every time. So, what are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel of a Trackhawk today and feel the power and luxury of this iconic vehicle for yourself. Happy driving!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Tell if a Jeep is a Trackhawk

1. If you have access to the vehicle identification number (VIN), you can enter it into an online VIN decoder. This will provide you with detailed information on the vehicle, including its make, model, and trim level.

2. Another way to tell if a Jeep is a Trackhawk is by checking for its launch control system. The Trackhawk comes equipped with this feature, which allows for quick and powerful starts from a standstill.

3. Keep an eye out for the ‘SRT’ badge on the exterior of the vehicle. This is another indication that you’re looking at a Trackhawk model, as it stands for Street and Racing Technology – Jeep’s performance division.

4. Take note of any aftermarket modifications or upgrades to the vehicle. While not always a definite way to identify a Trackhawk, these modifications can often be associated with high-performance vehicles.

Modifications or Upgrades

5. If you have the opportunity to take a test drive, pay attention to how the vehicle handles and accelerates. The Trackhawk’s impressive performance numbers will be evident in its driving experience.

6. Check for any unique features such as a carbon fiber hood or Brembo brakes, which are exclusive to the Trackhawk model. These features not only contribute to the vehicle’s performance but also serve as identifiers.

7. Keep up to date with Jeep’s latest marketing campaigns and advertisements. The Trackhawk is often heavily promoted, making it easier to spot on the road or in dealership lots.

8. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask the owner or a salesperson directly if a Jeep is a Trackhawk. They will likely be proud of their vehicle and happy to share information about its unique features. 

Following these additional tips and tricks can further assist you in identifying a Trackhawk, making it easier to spot this iconic vehicle on the road. Remember, owning a Trackhawk is not just about having a powerful and luxurious SUV, but also being part of an exclusive community of Jeep enthusiasts who appreciate the unique capabilities of this vehicle. Happy hunting for your very own Jeep Trackhawk!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Upgrade My Current Jeep Model to a Trackhawk?

While it is not possible to completely convert your current Jeep model into a Trackhawk, there are aftermarket modifications and upgrades available that can give you a similar experience. However, these modifications can be expensive and may not provide the same level of performance as a factory-made Trackhawk. 

How Much Does a Jeep Trackhawk Cost?

The starting price for a new Jeep Trackhawk is around $88,000. However, prices may vary depending on location and any additional features or packages added to the vehicle.

What Are Some Similar Vehicles to the Jeep Trackhawk?

Some similar vehicles to the Jeep Trackhawk include the Dodge Durango SRT, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and BMW X5 M. These vehicles also offer high-performance capabilities and luxury features but may come at a higher price tag than the Trackhawk.

Similar Vehicles to the Jeep Trackhawk

Is the Jeep Trackhawk Suitable for Off-Roading?

While the Trackhawk does have some off-roading capabilities, it is primarily designed for high-speed performance on paved roads. If you’re looking for a Jeep model specifically for off-roading, the Wrangler or Grand Cherokee Trailhawk would be a more suitable option.  However, with its powerful engine and all-wheel drive system, the Trackhawk can handle some light off-roading as well.

Are There Any Fuel Efficiency Options for the Trackhawk?

As a high-performance vehicle, fuel efficiency is not one of the main priorities for the Jeep Trackhawk. However, it does come with a fuel-saving feature called “Eco Mode” that optimizes engine performance for better fuel economy. Additionally, the Trackhawk has a cylinder deactivation feature that shuts off half of its cylinders when cruising at lower speeds, helping to conserve fuel. 

So while it may not be the most fuel-efficient option, these features can help improve its overall efficiency.  Overall, the Trackhawk is meant to provide an exhilarating driving experience rather than fuel savings.


All in all, knowing how to tell if a jeep is a trackhawk is not as difficult as it may seem. With the help of this guide and these additional tips, you can confidently identify a Trackhawk and potentially become an owner of one yourself.

Remember to keep an eye out for performance features, and unique identifiers, and don’t be afraid to ask for more information. The Jeep Trackhawk is a special vehicle that offers both power and luxury, making it stand out on the road and in your driving experience.  Happy Jeep hunting!

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