How to Change Display on Jeep Grand Cherokee

In the realm of automotive technology, the Jeep Grand Cherokee stands as a beacon of innovation, featuring a sophisticated display system that caters to both driver convenience and entertainment. For those eager to personalize their driving experience, the ability to change the display on the Jeep Grand Cherokee becomes a pivotal feature.

How to Change Display on Jeep Grand Cherokee

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to change display on jeep grand cherokee, allowing drivers to tailor the visual interface to their preferences. Whether it’s adjusting screen brightness, selecting different themes, or customizing the layout, understanding the process of changing the display ensures that your time behind the wheel is not just efficient but visually tailored to your liking.

Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s display customization, empowering drivers to navigate, entertain, and engage with their vehicle in a way that aligns with their unique preferences and style.

Importance of Customizing the Display

As the primary interface between drivers and their vehicle, the display plays a crucial role in delivering vital information and enhancing the overall driving experience. From displaying speed and fuel consumption to providing entertainment through audio and navigation systems, the display acts as a central hub of communication between drivers and their Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Given its significance, customizing the display is not only about personal preferences but also about optimizing its functionality. By changing the display on Jeep Grand Cherokee, drivers can efficiently navigate through information, reducing distractions and improving safety on the road.

Accessing Display Settings

The process of changing the display on Jeep Grand Cherokee starts by accessing the display settings. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and press the “Settings” button on the Uconnect display screen.
  2. Select “Display.”
  3. Choose from a variety of options such as Theme, Screen Brightness, and Layout to customize your display experience.
  4. Utilize the touchscreen or navigational buttons on the steering wheel to make changes and adjustments.
  5. Press “Save” once you are satisfied with your display settings.
Utilize the Touchscreen or Navigational Buttons

10 Methods How to Change Display on Jeep Grand Cherokee

1. Use the Touchscreen Display

The Jeep Grand Cherokee comes equipped with a touchscreen display that allows you to change various settings and displays on your vehicle. To access this feature, simply press the “Menu” button on the display and use the touch screen to navigate through different options.

2. Use Voice Commands

If your Jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with the Uconnect system, you can also use voice commands to change the display. Simply press and hold the voice recognition button on your steering wheel and say “Display settings.” From there, you can make changes using simple voice commands.

3. Adjust Brightness Levels

To adjust the brightness of your display, press and hold the “Menu” button on your touchscreen until a new menu appears. From there, select “Settings” and then “Display.” You can then adjust the brightness level using the arrows on your touchscreen or by using voice commands.

4. Change Units of Measurement

If you prefer to view information in metric units instead of imperial units, you can easily change this in your display settings. Press and hold the “Menu” button on your touchscreen until a new menu appears, then select “Settings,” followed by “Units.” From there, choose between metric or imperial units.

5. Customize Home Screen Layout

Your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s home screen displays various information such as navigation directions, audio controls, and phone notifications. To customize which items appear on your home screen, press and hold any item until it starts shaking. You can then drag it to a new location or remove it completely.

6. Change Color Theme

You can also change the color theme of your display by going into the settings menu and selecting “Themes.” Choose from a variety of color options to personalize your display.

You Can Also Change the Color Theme

7. Adjust Clock Format

To change how time is displayed on your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s clock, go into settings and select “Clock.” You can choose between 12-hour or 24-hour format and also adjust the time zone.

8. Rearrange Apps

Similar to customizing your home screen layout, you can also rearrange the order of apps on your display. Press and hold any app until it starts shaking, then drag it to a new location or remove it completely.

9. Reset Display Settings

If you want to reset all of your display settings back to their default values, go into the settings menu and select “Reset.” This will reset all settings including brightness levels, units of measurement, and clock format.

10. Use Instrument Cluster Display

In addition to the touchscreen display, your Jeep Grand Cherokee also has an instrument cluster display behind the steering wheel. This display shows important vehicle information such as speed, fuel level, and tire pressure. To change what is displayed on this screen, use the buttons on your steering wheel to navigate through different options.

Accessing Brightness and Contrast Settings

Adjusting the brightness and contrast settings is an essential part of customizing the display to ensure optimal visibility and reduce eye strain while driving your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Here’s how to modify these settings:

  1. Press the “Settings” button on the Uconnect display screen.
  2. Select “Display.” This will open a submenu with a variety of display settings.
  3. To adjust the brightness, select “Brightness.” Using the touchscreen or the navigational buttons on the steering wheel, increase or decrease the brightness to your liking.
  4. For contrast settings, choose “Contrast” in the display settings submenu. Similar to the brightness adjustment, use the touchscreen or navigational buttons to increase or decrease to your preferred setting.
  5. Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, press “Save” to solidify your settings.

Remember, adjusting these settings can have a significant effect on your driving experience since they influence visibility and readability of the display information. Hence, take time to find the settings that are most comfortable for your eyes, especially if you often drive in varying light conditions.

Customizing Instrument Cluster Display

The Instrument Cluster Display (ICD) on your Jeep Grand Cherokee provides a host of vital information related to your vehicle’s performance and systems. This includes metrics such as speed, fuel level, engine temperature, tachometer, and even warning indicators. However, you can customize the ICD as per your needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. To activate the ICD menu, press the “Menu” button located on the left side of the steering wheel.
  2. Use the up and down arrows to navigate through the menu items. Select “Display,” which will open a submenu filled with options.
  3. In this submenu, you can choose the information you want to have displayed. Options include trip odometer, fuel economy, tire pressure, oil temperature, transmission temperature, and more.
  4. To select or deselect an item, use the “OK” button located in the middle of the arrow buttons.
  5. Once you’ve customized your Instrument Cluster Display, simply exit the menu. Your changes will be automatically saved and implemented on the display.
You Can Customize the Icd as Per Your Needs

Keep in mind that the Instrument Cluster Display is meant to provide you with crucial information at a glance. Therefore, it’s important to customize it in a way that prioritizes the information you need the most while driving.

Personalizing the Look of your Instrument Cluster Display

Aesthetics play a significant role in your overall driving experience. From the color themes to the layout of your Instrument Cluster Display (ICD), Jeep Grand Cherokee allows you to align these elements with your personal preferences. Follow these steps to personalize the look of your ICD:

  1. Press the “Menu” button located on the left side of the steering wheel to activate the ICD menu.
  2. Navigate using the up and down arrows to find and select “Display Settings.”
  3. Under “Display Settings”, you will find options such as “Layout” and “Color Themes.” Use these options to modify the visual design of your ICD.
  4. In the “Layout” submenu, you can choose how your information is organized. You might prefer a more minimalist design with fewer gauges, or you might want all available information displayed simultaneously.
  5. The “Color Themes” submenu allows you to change the backlighting of your ICD. Choose from various color options to give your display a unique touch.
  6. Once you’ve made your selections, your changes will be automatically saved and applied to the ICD.
Press the Menu Button

Remember, the way your ICD looks should not only reflect your style but also promote clear visibility and readability. Your chosen layout and color theme should enhance your ability to quickly and easily interpret the information on the display.


In conclusion, the display on your Jeep Grand Cherokee is a key component to staying connected and informed while on the road. By understanding how to change the display, you can personalize your driving experience and ensure that all important information is easily accessible. Remember to follow the simple steps outlined in this post and feel free to explore other features of your display for even more customization options.

There’s no better feeling than being in control of your vehicle and with these tips, you’ll be a pro at changing the display in no time. We hope you’ve found this blog post helpful and informative, and encourage you to continue learning about all the amazing features of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Thanks for reading, and we hope this has given you some inspiration on how to change display on jeep grand cherokee!

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